Volume 5, Issue 3 (2012)

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Bernhard Wieder, Maria-Luise Ossimitz and Peter Chamoni
The Impact of Business Intelligence Tools on Performance: A User Satisfaction Paradox?

Stavros H. Arvanitis, Irakleia S. Tzigkounaki, Theodoros V. Stamatopoulos and Eleftherios I. Thalassinos
Dynamic Approach of Capital Structure of European Shipping Companies

P. Srinivasan and P. Ibrahim
Price Discovery and Asymmetric Volatility Spillovers in Indian Spot-Futures Gold Markets

Salima Djedidi Kooli
Distances and Small Business Credit Constraints: The French case

Andreas G. Georgantopoulos and Anastasios D. Tsamis
The Interrelationship between Money Supply, Prices and Government Expenditures and Economic Growth: A Causality Analysis for the Case of Cyprus

Andrey Kudryavtsev
Short-Term Stock Price Reversals May Be Reversed

Hyacinth Eme Ichoku, Chukwuma Agu, John Ele-Ojo Ataguba
What do we know about pro-poor growth and regional poverty in Nigeria?

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