Online Article Management

International Journal of Business and Economic Sciences Applied Research utilizes a fully digitized process regarding the submission and peer-review of the scientific papers, via its Editorial Manager Platform.


After registration with the Platform, authors are able to upload their scientific paper, metadata and supplementary files (cover letter, figures, tables). After upload and final confirmation, paper and metadata are assigned by the Journal Editor to reviewers, in order to initiate the peer-review process.


After registration with the Platform, reviewers are able to perform peer-reviews and contribute to the smooth operation of the Journal.

The whole peer-review process is being monitored throughout its duration by all participants.

Journal features

Online Management

Fully automated review process by the online Editorial Manager

Plagiarism Control

Utilization of specialized software ensures the originality and value of each published paper

DOI Number

With the Digital Object Identifier (DOI), your paper is linked on the internet permanently


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